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The Research Center for Climate and Energy Finance (RCCEF) is an inter-disciplinary academic research center and innovation platform at Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE). RCCEF’s main research fields include: climate finance, environmental economics and green finance, energy finance and forecasting of sustainable development of economy and society.

RCCEF focuses on climate change, energy security and sustainable development from financial, fiscal and economic perspectives and is knowledge sharing hub for scholars and professionals. RCCEF aims to provide valuable and updated analysis for central and local governments, financial institutions and enterprises in order to accompany their climate change efforts and contribute to sustainable development pathways. It is the center of theory research, subject construction, policy consultancy, academic communication, and talents cultivating.

RCCEF has witnessed fast growth since its establishment, with sustainable mechanism of research collaboration and influential research achievements transformation. It has carried out cooperation with international institutes that is conducive to disciplinary construction and the development of research.


1. RCCEF Director

Dr Yao Wang is the director of RCCEF. She is the Professor in the Research Institute of Finance and Economics, CUFE, and the consultant of the Research Center of Corporate Social Responsibility for China Listed Companies. She was a Visiting Fellow at Harvard University in affiliation with Department of Economics and the Visiting Scholar of Harvard China Project and Harvard Environmental Economics Program for 2010-2011 academic year. Dr Wang’s research interests are climate finance and carbon finance.

2. Research Teams and Research Activities

RCCEF has gathered more than 20 young scholars from institutions such as Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE), Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), University of Edinburgh, and Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations, Australian National University (ANU), University of Southern Queensland (USQ), University of Victoria. This represents an international profile relevant to the research focus of RCCEF. The scholars are classified into four research groups:

•      Climate Finance

•      Environmental Economics and Green Finance

•      Energy Finance

•      Sustainable Economic and Social Modeling & Forecasting

RCCEF’s main research activities involve:

•      Release Annual China Climate Finance Report

•      Submit Internal Policy Advisory Report in relation to climate finance, green finance, energy finance and environmental economics to key government departments or policy makers

•      Publish books and research monograph, as well as journal articles in climate finance, energy finance, green finance and environmental economics

•      Cooperate with influential media to enhance public awareness of climate finance, energy finance and environmental finance in China

•     Provide advisory report for strategic partners as required

3International Cooperation and Exchanges

Internationalization is one of the prominent characteristics of RCCEF. RCCEF attempts to integrate international research capacity and enhance internationalization of CUFE and RCCEF in finance and economics, increase research achievements’ policy influence and seize the cutting edge at research and interdisciplinary development. Activities regarding international cooperation and exchange include:

•      Build up cooperation and exchange platform with international organizations and academic institutes

•      Actively involved in international collaboration projects

•      Participate in international symposia, seminars and workshops

•      Exchange of staff and student

•      Jointly develop courses

4. Partners

RCCEF has a broad array of research partners at home and abroad, which plays a significant role in promoting its research innovation and seize the cutting edge of research.

4.1 Domestic Strategic Partners

•      Department of Climate Change, NDRC

•      Policy Research Centre for Environment and Economy, MEP

•      China CDM Fund Management Center

•      China Beijing Environment Exchange

•      Beijing Green Finance Alliance

•      Sino-Carbon Innovation and Investment Corporation

•      McKensey

•      Guangdong Guangye Assets Management Corporation

4.2 International Partnership

RCCEF has established partnership with academic institutes from the US, UK, France, Australia and Russia, including:

•      Harvard Environmental Economics Program

•      Harvard China Program

•      MIT China Energy and Environment Research Group

•      Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (France)

•      The Climate Group (UK)

•      University of Southern Queensland (Australia)

•      All-Russian State Distance-Learning Institute of Finance and Economics

•      Won the bidding of SPF project supported by British Foreign and Commonwealth Office

•      Won the bidding of UNDP project

•      Exchanges of scholars and students between RCCEF and Harvard China Project, IDDRI and University of Southern Queensland;

•      Conducted carbon market investigation in the US; presented in Harvard University, MIT, Columbia University and New York Stock Exchange as guest speakers